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Property of the Week #29- 25th Jan, 2016

Address: 3 Ghost Gum Avenue, Kuluin, QLD 4558

Area: Sunshine Coast Region

Property Type: 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 Car House

Land Size: 410sqm

Listing: http://www.domain.com.au/3-ghost-gum-avenue-kuluin-qld-4558-2012174355

Estimated Market Value: $418,000 (sign up below to get the full valuation report)

Listed Price: $400,000

Rental Return: $430 – $450 per week according to agent  (5.6% yield)

Affordability: Cash-flow positive by $23/wk (calculated for an investor with an income of $50k/yr).

The Verdict

I would recommend this property for an investor with a long-term “Buy & Hold” Strategy in mind. This property provides high capital growth potential AND a discount below market value to create instant equity for your portfolio.

High capital growth potential

Terry Ryder, Australia’s leading property researcher and Director of Hotspotting.com.au, has included the Sunshine Coast in his list of “National Top 10 Best Buys For 2016”, and believes the huge amount of infrastructure being built in the area is one of the key reasons the Sunshine Coast is set to soar. He says:

“That combination of medical and education facilities is always powerful in driving real estate demand. A significant upturn in the number of home sales in 2013/2014 points to solid price growth in 2015, as does the tight rental market throughout the coastal strip.

Kuluin has a current DSR score of 74 meaning there is a strong demand from buyers, which is driving prices up and points to good capital growth ahead. Get this week’s report (enter your email below) to learn more about using supply vs demand (DSR score) for suburb selection.


This property has been listed at around $400,000. The estimated market value of the property is $418,000 (sign up below to get the full valuation report) which potentially puts you $18,000 in front from day 1.


With a rental yield of around 5.6% this property provides a good return. Our cash-flow analysis estimates that this property will be cash-flow positive by around $23 per week.

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