I had a really fun day with Mathew and Meaghan Lord earlier in the week. It’s fun for everyone when we can dramatically improve a couple’s finances on the spot. Here’s how it went down…

Key outcomes

  • Better home-loan deal (lower interest)
  • Improved loan structure
  • Found $60k in hidden equity
  • Improved monthly cash-flow

The details…

Interest. During the workshop our mortgage broker was able to help Mathew & Meaghan with a much better deal. That meant a lower interest rate on both their mortgage, and the investment loan on their existing investment property.

Loan structure. Their existing investment loan and mortgage had been structured incorrectly, and simply wasn’t working efficiently for them, so we were able to fix that too.

Equity. We found an extra $60,000 in equity they didn’t even know they had in the process! Happy days.

We were able to do a property valuation in real-time to re-value their existing investment property. It turned out the current valuation was $60,000 higher than the client’s previous estimate. This matters because it gives them extra borrowing power with the banks.

Cash-flow. We also showed Mathew & Meaghan how to improve the monthly cash-flow from their existing investment property. How? By receiving their annual tax credit on a weekly basis rather than waiting all year for their tax return. The sooner you get that money, the sooner you can put it to work for you.

All of this happened in one half-day! Three hours out of your busy life to get all of your finances sorted once and for all isn’t a bad deal.

No spending cuts

By simply ‘tidying a few things up’ for Mathew & Meaghan we have removed the barriers that were preventing them from further property investment. Some extra equity, and a better cash-flow position have now improved their finances enough to make their next investment – and all this with NO change to their lifestyle. No spending cuts, and no tightening of their budget.

The next step

Mathew & Meaghan are now ready to take their portfolio to the next level by following one of our most effective (and most popular) investment strategies:

(1)    Purchase an investment property below market value, giving them a ‘quick win’ with some instant equity.

(2)    Purchase in an area that is primed for fast capital growth.

(3)    Structure the investment property in such a way that it does not cost them anything to own – the property pays for itself, without affecting Mathew & Meaghan’s current lifestyle.

That’s how you build a successful property portfolio faster than everyone else…

Key Take-Away

This case study highlights one of the most common barriers to building wealth – the assumption that “We’ll only be able to afford to invest when X, Y, or Z happens” (promotion, kids leave home, new job, etc etc etc). But the truth is that you can likely afford it NOW. You do it by saving the money currently leaking from your accounts in interest and tax.

If you’d like to find those hidden dollars the way Mathew and Meaghan did, book your own personal workshop here. It costs $295 and comes with a $5,000 guarantee.

Feel free to call me on (07) 3510 2122 to ask me any questions.

Andrew Clough