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Property of the Week #25 – 14th Dec 2015

Address: 70A Francis Street, North Ipswich, QLD 4305

Area: Ipswich City Region

Property Type: 3 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 2 Car House

Land Size: 1,057sqm

Listing: http://www.domain.com.au/70a-francis-street-north-ipswich-qld-4305-2012345241

Estimated Market Value: $280,000 (sign up below to get the full valuation report)

Listed Price: $239,000 negotiable

Rental Return: $290 – $310 per week according to agent  (6.3% yield)

Affordability: Cash-flow positive by $11/wk (calculated for an investor with an income of $50k/yr).

The Verdict

This property has the lot! High capital growth potential, positive cash-flow, a discount, and future development potential, and at $239k is another ideal property for entering the property market.


The rental income and tax rebates for this property offset all of the expenses and more, so it’s cash-flow positive and will cost you nothing to own and hold, putting $11/wk back into your pocket. When you consider the $239k price tag this property scores an A+ for affordability.

High capital growth potential

Here’s what Australia’s leading property researcher and Director of Hotspotting.com.au, Terry Ryder, says about the Ipswich City Region…

“The future prospects for the Ipswich Region are rosy indeed – A Federal Government report has predicted Ipswich will become the fastest growing region for population and jobs in South East Queensland. The Department of Infrastructure and Transport report forecast that 56,000 jobs will be created in Ipswich’s central suburbs by 2026.


This property has been listed at $239,000 negotiable. The estimated market value of the property is $280,000 (sign up below to get the full valuation report) which potentially puts you $41,000 in front from day 1.

Future Development Potential

This is a good investment property “as-is” and can be rented out immediately, but there is also potential to add value and manufacture your own growth in the future because it’s on a large block that has the potential to be subdivided or developed (subject to Council approval of course).

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