About Us

What do we do?

Every week we find the best investment properties for sale in the Brisbane and South-East Queensland market from the Gold Coast to Ipswich to the Sunshine Coast.

We share these selections in a 3 different ways to suit different levels of investors and future investors.

Who are we?

andrew-cloughMy name is Andrew Clough and I’m the director of Main Street Group. It’s me who works directly with each of our private clients, and I personally do a lot of the hands-on and on-the-ground research around Brisbane to make our weekly property selections.

But to make sure I’m choosing the absolute best properties, I need to leverage the data and research of other experts. I consult with Terry Ryder, Jeremy Sheppard, and Jacob Field during the research process, and use their data analysis because they are the best researchers and analysts in Australia. They provide me with 3 different levels of analysis (area, suburb, and street level) which I use to zero in on individual properties. Read about the selection process here.

I also have a team of local professionals on staff including a mortgage broker and financial planner.

Together we make a formidable team, and through this process we’re able to make property selections that are unmatched for the Brisbane area.

Where are we?

The Main Street Group office is at Level 1 Highpoint, 240 Waterworks Road, Ashgrove QLD 4060 (see map here). I live in the beautiful Samford Valley in north-west Brisbane.

How we got started

I’ve been helping people to invest in property since 2004, and over that time I’ve simply let the feedback of our clients improve the services we offer. In 2012 I started Main Street Group to allow us to offer the services that investors and aspiring investors really needed.

  • When we found that the majority of people interested in investing were not in the best financial position to do so. We created a personal workshop to educate our clients and help get their finances in order so that they could invest in property responsibly.
  • We found people did not know how to assess an investment property – so we created the Property of the Week Club.
  • DIY investors found it paralysing to have to choose a property out of thousands – so we created the Weekly Top 10 Book (Brisbane).
  • Interstate investors needed an expert in the Brisbane market and a man on the ground to find and execute on the best deals, so we created a done-for-you investing service.
  • Many people wanted the benefits of investing in property without having to do it themselves (due to lack of expertise, or lack of time) – so we tailored our private service to first-time and local investors.

Where are we going?

Whether you’re a beginner, DIY investor, or an experienced pro, we’ve found that each person likes to follow their own process for choosing and purchasing investments.

Whatever your process is, choosing which property to purchase is a critical step. We’ll continue to make it easier to get this part right by sharing our methodology, sharing our property selections, and helping you 1-on-1.

Andrew Cough, Director.

Ph: (07) 3510 2122 or contact me here.