Not many businesses report on the success of their clients 2 years down the track. That’s because it’s pretty easy to leave a client feeling optimistic on day 1 and get a cheery testimonial, but it’s rare that a service changes the course of their future.

We’ve been doing Financial Independence Workshops for long enough now that we can happily share stories of clients who are now well down their road to financial freedom.

Donna Andrews from Stanthorpe (southwest of Brisbane), completed a Main Street Workshop back in April 2012 almost 3 years ago now and hasn’t looked back.

She didn’t know where to start

Donna sums up her starting point pretty well:

“The very first Module we covered in my Main Street Workshop (Module One) was particularly helpful for me”, says Donna, “I consider myself a smart and practical person, I had done a lot of research on my own in regards to paying off my mortgage faster and buying an investment property, but I struggled to sort through the enormous amount of contradictory information available! It was a nightmare.”

“I knew I had to do something, I just didn’t know which way to go. Sitting down and discussing my own specific circumstances, and my personal dreams and goals with John and Karli at Main Street Group was eye opening for me. They don’t just talk to you, they actually listen to you! Then, together, we not only wrote down my goals, we built a step-by-step plan for achieving those goals”.

After completing her Workshop, Donna has achieved amazing things over the past two years.

Donna’s Milestones

Credit Card

With the help of our Finance Experts Donna was able to consolidate her $20,000 in credit card debt immediately, saving her thousands of dollars in interest and enabling her to significantly reduce her monthly payments. Donna has now cleared her credit cards in full and says she will never use them again.


  • On the day of her workshop the team at Main Street Group put in place for Donna a loan structure and debt reduction strategy that will see her mortgage paid off in 14 years instead of the projected 22 years.

Property Investment

  • In April 2013 (1 year after her first Workshop) Donna purchased a brand new, two-storey, 3 bedroom townhouse, for the entry-level price of $327,000. With depreciation, government grants, and total deductions of around $38,000 Donna’s townhouse is cash-flow positive by just over $100 per week.

 A Plan

  • Donna’s current plan will allow her to conservatively purchase an additional two investment properties within the next 7 years.


“I know that if I didn’t have the support of John & Karli and the Team at Main street Group, I would not have achieved what I have achieved so far. They teach you more than “how to do it”, they teach you a mindset, they teach you how to think like a real investor”.

The REAL secret to Donna’s success?

There is one step that led to Donna’s results more than any other. It was no magic trick or get rich quick scheme. And I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t even the amazing strategy that Main Street Group designed for her.

Okay here it is, the big secret to Donna’s success…..are you ready?

Donna took the time to think about, and then write down, her SPECIFIC financial goals.

Yep, that’s it. Disappointed? You shouldn’t be, you should be excited! All Donna had to do was make a decision: she simply made a decision to take control of her own life and go out and get exactly what she wanted.

Write down your specific financial goals. Now!

So, what is it that you want to achieve? Have you ever actually sat down with your partner or family members and talked about your financial goals? Did you write those dreams and goals down on a piece of paper?

It’s the first step, and the most important step. And it can be a lot of fun to say “What if…”, so grab a pen and paper and simply write down the things that money will help you do.

Having trouble thinking of specific goals? Here are some of the most common financial goals of Main Street Group clients.

Ok, now what?

The very act of sitting down and writing a list of the things you want out of life is the real catalyst for big changes in your financial position. If you’ve written down your list of goals, then the next step is to make them a reality as Donna did by attending a Financial Independence Workshop with us in Brisbane.

It’s a $295 personal workshop that every attendee leaves $5,000+ better off or they get their money back. Click here for the full details.

Not in Brisbane? Get the next best thing to our renowned 1-on-1 workshop is our free starter guide: Financial Independence in an Hour.