Improving your finances always begins with the same small step…Writing down your financial goals.

This seemingly small action has such an impact because it motivates you to get out of that mode of inaction that you’ve been in for years. And this inaction is the number one barrier (and often the only real barrier) between you and your financial goals.

Financial goal examples

Here are some of the most common financial goals. These are the ones shared with us by Main Street Group clients over and over, and may help you get started on your own list.

  • Get out of debt – pay off our credit cards and personal loans.
  • Pay off our mortgage as quickly as possible.
  • Retire early and comfortably.
  • Start investing for our retirement.
  • Use our Superannuation to purchase an investment property.
  • Buy an investment property (Or two! Or Ten!).
  • Have an overseas holiday every year.
  • Pay for our children’s education.
  • Help our children buy their first home.
  • Buy a new big screen TV!

Start today

We’ve had the privilege of conducting hundreds of Workshops over the years, and if there is one thing that meeting so many different people from all walks of life has taught me, it is that everything you need to become financially free is within your reach.

But you do need to do something, ANYTHING, to get started. You just need to stop standing still and move!!

So write down your goals. Then use that flicker of excitement to motivate you to put one thing in place to improve your financial position.

Things you could do in less than 5 minutes

In less than 5 minutes you could be booked in for one of our renowned personal workshops. It’s 1-on-1 and we’ll guide you through our proven steps to turn around your finances on the spot. This would be a huge step forward, but an easy one if you live in Brisbane. You can learn more about our workshops by clicking here.

Not in Brisbane? Not ready for a workshop? You just HAVE TO KNOW the most important steps and can’t wait another minute? We’ve got you covered too! Our free guide: Financial Independence in an Hour shows you the important steps you can take right away, and will give you a good feel for some of the steps we guide you through personally in our workshops. Get it here: Financial Independence in an Hour.