Financial Independence in an hour

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals, couples, and families take those first 5 steps that make financial independence possible…

Now we’ve put our most important advice into a 31 page guide that you can read in less than an hour.

What I tell my friends and family about financial independence

When a good personal friend asks about the secret to financial independence, there are a series of steps that I talk about every time. Now, for the first time we’ve published those steps into a guide you can finish in your lunch break.

We worked on it until we felt it was the best investment you can make for your financial future in the next hour.

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Financial Independence Ebook

Inside Financial Independence in an Hour we get you thinking about your dreams and goals, assess where you are right now financially, show you how to reduce your mortgage fast, how to reduce your taxes, and discuss your main investment options. The guide finishes with some case studies showing what’s possible based on a few positive steps to get your money right.

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