How we find the best investment properties in Brisbane

100% Independent Analysis

We’re not agents, and we don’t sell properties – we search the entire market for the best properties regardless of which agency has it listed for sale.

We use live data

There is so much data available in 2016 that we no longer have to guess which are the highest growth areas and hot spots. By measuring market growth in hundreds of regions, and thousands of suburbs and streets, we stack the deck in our favour (and yours) so that we’re only choosing from the cream of the crop.

We use the top experts

We turn to the top data analysts and researchers in the country to give us 4 levels of analysis.

Terry Ryder is arguably Australia’s leading property researcher with four books and numerous TV and radio appearances to his credit over 32 years. Terry produces regular reports for Hotspotting Premium Members identifying growth areas (hot spots) based on data and detailed research including sales trends, infrastructure, and knowing which combinations of factors produce imminent growth of local property markets.

Jeremy Sheppard is a self-professed property data nutcase. Jeremy has been a pioneer in the measurement of supply and demand, and has created industry leading software at DSRData that predicts growth in individual suburbs based on live sales data (DSR = demand to supply ratio). We use three of Jeremy’s software products to analyse the markets of individual suburbs.

Jacob Field. As we all know, there can be good and bad spots in every suburb. Jacob at Ripehouse offers a unique level of analysis that allows us to analyse a growth suburb down to street level to make sure we’re buying the best of the best.

Andrew Clough is your man on the ground in Brisbane and Director of Main Street Group. After all the research is done, individual properties need to be put through their own stringent analysis. Andrew gets to work on value estimation, cash-flow calculations, negotiation, due diligence, legal paperwork, and tax planning to make your purchase a successful investment.

Australian Property Monitors. There’s no need to guess what a property is worth any more. We have an APM value estimate produced for every property as a key step in deciding whether a property represents a good deal or not.

The four level process above uniquely enables us to choose the best properties, in the best streets, in the best suburbs, in the best areas of the greater Brisbane area.

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