Day 1 – $295 well spent in February

You might remember Troy & Debbie from our Facebook post back in February 2015 when they attended a private Workshop with me.

During their workshop our finance specialist was able to consolidate all of their consumer debts and free-up more than $5,000 in payments per year. And we were able to reduce their home-loan term by 50% without increasing their repayments, which will in turn save Troy & Debbie an estimated $98,000 in interest. We did all of this in one half-day and it cost Troy & Debbie $295 for their Workshop.

Finally a budget for investing

With less of their pay-packet being lost to tax and interest every week, Troy and Deb were finally able to assign a budget to their investing goals. This was a real milestone for them, because with retirement on the distant horizon it was clear their Superannuation would not be enough, and they knew the perils of relying on the Age Pension.

Why invest in property?

Troy & Debbie already knew that property investment was the way they wanted to go. Stocks or shares or managed funds seemed too risky, and they preferred property because it’s a tangible asset that they can “see and touch and feel” and it’s very low-risk investment (if you choose a suitable property) that won’t vanish overnight when the market crashes the way shares can.

Main Street Group designed a complete 15 year investment strategy based on Troy & Debbie’s specific financial circumstances, their affordability, their tax position, their risk profile and level of experience, and most importantly: their personal dreams & goals and the real reasons for WHY they wanted to invest.

Property criteria

1) House and Land Package

Benefits: Save a ton of stamp duty! On a typical house and land package of around $450,000, you will save around about $8,000 in stamp duty. This is because when you are building a new house you are only paying stamp duty on the value of the land component, not the house and land components

2) A brand new property rather than an old property


  • Troy & Debbie wanted a completely hands-off investment that would not require any renovations, maintenance or extra work from them.
  • Brand new properties offer superior tax advantages thanks to depreciation claims. These tax credits are hugely beneficial to your affordability as an investor because they can turn a negatively geared property into a positive cash flow property!
  • No maintenance! High maintenance costs in an old property can eat up all of your cash flow and profits. Whereas brand new properties require very little (if any) maintenance for many years and are also covered by a statutory builder’s warranty.
  • Brand new properties attract higher-quality tenants, who are willing to pay a premium price. This often translates to lower vacancy rates (more consistent cash flow) which typically equates to a higher resale value as well.
  • Brand new properties are more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly than older properties

3) Capital Growth potential

The above criteria were tailored to Troy and Debbie’s personal situation, but Capital Growth is the consideration that’s important for virtually all investors when buying an investment property or growing a portfolio. Growing your equity in your property is not only what ultimately builds your wealth, but it’s also the key to buying multiple properties. It’s all explained here.

Area selection

Area selection is about one word: RESEARCH.

A huge part of what Main Street Group does is identify areas throughout Australia that are primed for Capital Growth.

Here’s the process we follow…

  • We carefully analyse all of the relevant statistics over 15,000 suburbs, identifying ‘trends’ or ‘markers’ that point towards capital growth potential.
  • Narrow our focus from a State level, down to a city/town/region level, and then right down to suburb and street level, allowing us to recommend specific properties that are going to out-perform the market because they are in suburbs that are primed for capital growth!
  • With a specific property targeted, we negotiate on our client’s behalf and help them to purchase the property for the lowest possible price.

With a high-growth area selected, Main Street Group then sourced a House & Land Package through an excellent builder/developer with a strong track record of quality work. We also manage and oversee the entire project from beginning to end; finance, land settlement, the build process and finding tenants etc.


I’m happy to report that my good friends Troy & Debbie have already banked some decent capital growth, before their beautiful new investment property is even finished! It has been less than 6 months since Troy & Debbie purchased their block of land and construction began, and land prices in the surrounding area are already increasing – buyers are paying $10,000 to $20,000 more for identical blocks of land, and $30,000 to $40,000 more for similar house & land packages in this particular high-growth area. This is a very good sign of things to come for Troy & Debbie!

Property Investment Case Study

Troy and Debbie say…

We have wanted to buy an investment home for quite a few years now, but were unsure how to go about it. After visiting Andrew he showed us how to make the big step. He walked us through all the tax benefits, And  how to own our own home in a quarter of the time, also how to set up for retirement. He explained everything in simple easy to understand terms and was able to answer all our questions big small – and believe me we had a lot !! Even after our first contact with him if we were unsure or had further questions, he was only a phone call away willing to help with any issues we had. Andrew has organised everything, letting us get on with our usual work and day to day life making it all a breeze.

We now have our first investment property which has already increased enough in capital that we could buy our next one, which we will be looking at doing in the next six to twelve months. This is something we did not expect to do for another ten years if at all. We would willingly recommend Main Street to anyone that wants to invest and are not sure what to do. Take the first step and visit Andrew, you will not regret your choice.

We are so happy that we made the decision to go visit Andrew at his Main Street Group  Workshop and can’t wait to see what our next adventure will be!

Troy and Debbie took advantage of two primary Main Street Group services.

  1. A personal workshop: Full details here
  2. Our Concierge Service: Full details here

Andrew Clough (07) 3510 2122