Property Concierge Service – QLD

At Main Street Group, we find and buy the best investment properties for everyday Australian couples and families. We love helping first time property buyers and also experienced investors.

Here’s how we spend our days…

  1. We use an extensive set of research tools and software to find the areas, suburbs, and pockets of suburbs where houses or units are set to increase the most in value over the next 2 to 5 to 10 years.
  2. We look at every property for sale in these specific areas and do a financial analysis to figure out which properties are giving the best returns based on rental income, interest rates, and tax deductions. We figure out exactly how much each property will cost out of pocket (or return) per week, and we use a detailed valuation to see which are priced at, above, or below market value.
  3. Due Diligence. Once we’ve selected a shortlist of the best properties for your specific goals and financial position, we carry out a due diligence process and organise all necessary inspections.
  4. Then we negotiate hard on your behalf. We’ll often have 3 or 4 suitable properties shortlisted in case we can negotiate a much better deal on one than another. We’ve negotiated a lot of property deals, and this is the part where we see a lot of smiles from our clients (and an occasional high-five).

During the purchase we walk you through the sale and the paperwork. We’ve done this hundreds of times, so we explain the sales process at each step and take the burden of the paperwork off your hands.

After the sale, we continue to act as a mentor and support you and assist with things like property management, tax and depreciation, property maintenance, and your ongoing property strategy.

A high-return investment

Our fee is $11,000 + GST and here are the ways our service pays for itself – not just once but many times over:

  • Negotiation – we’re often able to save a client $20k to $30k from day 1 on the final sale price.
  • Bargain properties – we have regular access to off-market properties that are priced well below market value. Many properties we select are listed at a “discount” that is only obvious next to a detailed valuation. As a result we regularly find opportunities priced $20K, $30K, or even $100K below market value.
  • Faster Growth (this is the big one) – the wealth of any property investor comes from the growth of the value of their property over time. That’s why the growth rate is our #1 criteria when finding your perfect property, and because of this it’s likely to outperform the properties chosen by average DIY investors. This difference can be worth $20,000+ in the short term, and $100,000+ in the medium to long term.
  • Investing Sooner (the other big one) – when you’re confident of a solid property choice, when the calculations show you it’s very affordable with your current finances, and when you have someone to guide you through each step of the purchase, you’re able to invest with a smile on your face instead of a nervous grimace. And you’ll reach your financial milestones sooner.
  • Time savings – The sheer time and effort it takes to find and research properties really stops people from making progress towards their financial goals. We help get you over the line by doing all the research, inspections, and paperwork for you.
  • Tax – a portion of our fee is usually tax deductible (you will need to speak to your accountant for advice on your specific financial circumstances).

Case Studies

Take a look at a few of our clients’ stories. They’re not get rich stories, but they show how we’ve helped our clients tick off financial goals sooner than they thought.

  • From Complete Newbies to Successful Property Developers and $20,000 Equity in 6 Months | Case Study
  • $60,000 day for Mathew and Meaghan | Workshop Result
  • How a single mum from Stanthorpe took control of her financial future in one day (2.5 year update) | Case Study

How to get started…

Andrew CloughWhether you’re just beginning to look into property or looking for your tenth, call Andrew on 0437 000 179 for a short chat. He prides himself on getting people closer to their goals, so whether you need some quick advice on the phone or want to sit down and work out a property strategy he’s the right person to call.

Out of business hours?  Ask a question on our contact page.