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Top 10 List Brisbane

The best investment property deals delivered each Friday

Help for DIY investors right when you need it most

No matter how knowledgeable you get, buying a great investment property can still be really hard.

Why? Because you’re left on your own right at that critical point when you have to choose a real live property from the market. There’s nobody looking over your shoulder to say “Yes this is a good investment, and here’s why”. And you just don’t have the time or the tools to fully research and number crunch property after property.

How we come to the rescue

We have the time and the tools to analyse the entire Brisbane market for the best deals because it’s our day job. We’ve learned that the best way to pass on this advantage to DIY investors is to put a list of properties in your hand and make sure that list is filled with good investments and free of duds.

So we provide a small group of Brisbane investors with a shopping list of the 10 best properties we find each week. Each weekend they start with the cream of the crop, rather than having to sort through hundreds and hundred of properties for sale (including a lot of duds).

These are specific property recommendations from this week’s market – nothing like the general property knowledge you get in books, courses, or seminars.

Why is our shopping list worth having in your pocket?

  • We start in hot spots chosen by Australia’s top property researcher Terry Ryder.
  • We find growth suburbs based on supply and demand from live sales data.
  • We choose the best and avoid the worst streets in each suburb.
  • Individual property analysis – valuations, returns, and tax deductions are all calculated.
  • 100% independent. We don’t sell properties – our business is finding the best deals on the market for our clients.

Important: Although we have a lot of experience (550+ property deals over 11 years) we’ll never ask you to take our recommendations on faith. Instead we include all our working out, so you have the tools to review the properties yourself.

What you’ll be getting each FridayTop 10 Report Brisbane

  • Each Friday at 8am we’ll send you a live report with 10 new properties for your shopping list
  • Analysis of each property, including an appraisal and cash-flow analysis.
  • Includes surrounding areas of Brisbane, from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast.

It’s pretty simple – you’ll have me sending you 40 specific properties per month that I consider great opportunities (with all the data explaining why).

How to get started

Subscribe now for $99/mth. The first Top 10 List will be delivered at 8am Friday morning, so you’re fully armed for the weekend.

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