About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

We are Main Street Group. We are property investment advisers and licensed buyer's agents. We work exclusively for you, the property buyer.

We research property markets Australia-wide, identify high-performance properties, and negotiate the lowest purchase price for you.

We combine cutting-edge technology, expert opinion, and "boots on the ground" investigation to ensure you are buying the right property, at the right price, every time.

We hold your hand and guide you through the entire process - from designing your personal investment strategy, right through to negotiating and purchasing your property.



BECom, Dip Fin Serv (F/P), Dip Fin Serv (F/MBM), LREA

Andrew is a licensed Buyer’s Agent, and also holds tertiary qualifications in Commerce, Financial Planning, Finance, and Mortgage Broking.

Andrew works directly with each of our private clients, and personally carries out most of the hands-on and on-the-ground research around Australia before making our property selections.

Andrew’s interest in property investing started as a teenager when his Mum started introducing him to books on property investment and wealth creation. The one book that was a real  game-changer for Andrew was ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki – a must read for all aspiring investors. 

Andrew is passionate about helping everyday Australians build a rock-solid financial platform through careful, considered property investment choices, and highly profitable joint venture property development opportunities.  

Andrew lives with his wife and three children in the beautiful Samford Valley region of Brisbane. When he doesn’t have his head stuck in a spreadsheet he enjoys being outdoors, spending time with his family, going to the gym, or catching a game of rugby on TV. 



Established in 2012, our business has evolved significantly over the years. Main Street Group is a totally independent Buyer’s Agency – we work exclusively for property buyers. We are not Real Estate Agents – we do not sell property and we do not work for a vendor/seller. 

But more than just Buyer’s Agents, we hold your hand and guide you through the entire process of investing in property:

From designing your personal investment strategy based on your specific life circumstances, and securing your finance approval, to sourcing, negotiating, and purchasing your investment property, right through to appointing a property manager and providing ongoing support and mentorship long after settlement.

There are approximately 550 local government areas (LGAs) in Australia – that’s 550+ separate property markets all doing their own thing at different points in time (Australia is a big country!). 

Our core business is to combine cutting-edge technology, expert opinion, and boots on the ground investigation to identify which of those LGAs are set to deliver you results from day one. From there we locate the exact suburbs, streets, and properties that we believe have good, long term, investment potential. 

In addition, for select investors, we offer highly profitable joint venture property development opportunities as a way of fast-tracking your wealth creation goals. Investing in small development projects such as splitters, subdivisions, knock-down-rebuilds, duplexes, triplexes, units, and townhouses can provide faster returns than a traditional “buy-and-hold” strategy on it’s own.